It’s about Jesus

It’s Christmas. It’s a beautiful and magical time in so many ways, but it’s more dense with subtle and not-so-subtle distractions than any other season. There are so many good things about Christmas that we sometimes can loose track of the best thing.

If, as a band, we could have one Christmas wish, it would be that we could all find both the desire and the discipline to make Jesus the central theme of our celebration. Family and gifts are amazing and beautiful things. Sharing meals with people that we work and play with, and keeping traditions that keep us grounded are activities that we should fully embrace.

The search for the answer to the question, “What Child is This?” should be our source of childlike wonder. Consider the tragedy of a baby born in a dirty barn, or the humility of these shepherds as the first visitor. The struggle that Joseph battled with when discovering Mary’s pregnancy. No one expected God to enter the world in this way. I would ask of you, this Christmas, to take a fresh look at the person of Jesus. Wonder at this God/baby that was born to save us, and how this humble birth was the perfect start to a humble life that would continue to defy expectations, challenge norms, and question authority.

Ask yourself this Christmas, “What Child?” And give yourself room to wonder at the answer.

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