By the Mane’s First Show – X-fest NW 2013

X-Fest Sans Drummer

our show at x-fest and no drummer meme

For our first concert is coming up at X-Fest Northwest 2013. XFEST NorthWest is an annual rock festival. It’s nonprofit, non-corporate and nondenominational. Our drummer Kyler can’t make it so so it’s going to be just Will and I for this one. Will has been working tirelessly to program the drums in his absence.


Along with it being our first show, there a few other firsts for us.

  1. First live show with no drummer (hopefully the last)
  2. New Sound (we’ve been working hard to dial it in… it’s really cool!)
  3. Debut of Will’s new song
  4. My first time as a lead singer (well, sort of, leading worship is not really the same thing, though)
  5. Brand new light show
  6. New Guitar??? doubt it…

I’m most excited about #5! I have no idea what to expect, but I’m excited about it whatever it is! Come check us out, Friday night August 30th at 9:30pm.

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