Christmas Cards on sale now

We’re a week away from introducing our Christmas EP! It’s an exciting time for us as it will be the first real chance for people to be exposed to our sound.

In preparation for producing and duplicating and distributing an album,  there are costs involved. We’re trying to manage those and are looking for creative ways to do so.

When I was designing the album cover I came up with a design that really captured the heart of what we were trying to do with this record, and I thought it was cool enough to turn into a Christmas Card that maybe some other people might like as well. The profit from these cards will allow us to invest back into the band and get some equipment that will help us out.

We are not a charity. If you haven’t thought about giving to the truly needy in this holiday season we would encourage you to do that.

That said, you were probably going to buy Christmas cards anyway, so why not buy ours and say, “Merry Christmas,” in a unique and memorable way while you’re at it!

What Child? a Christmas Album

Be watching for the new By The Mane Christmas album out the first week of December! We’re excited to make our first release on the subject or Christmas.

We’re in the studio as we speak (see the photo above of me recording guitars for the album), and we will be working feverishly this month to get everything ready. We’ll give you plenty of updates as the album progresses. Some sneak peaks at the album cover design and maybe we’ll put together a silly video of us in the studio.

Why a Christmas Album?

Christmas is both a wonderful and challenging time of year. It’s a time that is supposed to be all about Jesus, but when it comes down to it, it’s really hard to keep Him the focus. There are so many distractions around us, between the family, the presents, and the food! We need that constant reminder; what child? Oh, yeah… that Child! We’re hoping this album will be that for you!