Rehearsal Review – Before Too Long

Our Unmet Desires

God created us with a desire to know him. While he provided us with the way to know him, in Christ, we won’t fully know Him until we meet him in heaven in his fully glorified form. This leaves us with a time of waiting, and wondering while we navigate life on earth in the shadow of what is to come.

Tonight’s rehearsal was focused on doing some songwriting and this topic is what inspired us tonight. How do we live, knowing that there is a perfect place that we are longing for, but aren’t there yet. Often times this delayed gratification becomes too much to bear and we find ourselves attempting to satiate our desires with lesser things (this idea sums up my definition of sin).

I posed the question to the guys, “What do you say to someone who is beside themselves with excitement and anticipation?” Perhaps it’s a child who can’t wait for their next birthday, or a bride anticipating their wedding day. We can try to deny or downplay how exciting the thing is that we’re looking forward to, but that’s just a self-protective device to avoid our feelings. You don’t tell your child, “Being excited about your birthday is dumb, when you get older you’ll understand how lame birthdays really are.” On the other end of the spectrum, we can find ourselves totally consumed with worry that we don’t practice good habits that will allow us to enjoy the thing when it finally comes. Like the bride who doesn’t eat and faints at the alter. How do we foster both patience and excitement at the same time?

We were reminded of the words of the old spiritual, “Soon and very soon.” What a beautiful concept. The reality is, we don’t know when Christ will come back, but it will be soon, and that should be enough for us. We started playing around with that concept and starting writing around the idea: “Before too long.”

We’ll see where the concepts takes us, but for now we have a couple of lines that we like:

“Before too long we’ll see your glory

Before your throne, singing and bowing down

Overwhelmed by your naked glory

Before too long.”

No matter when it is, we know it’s before too long